the Monster under my bed

When I was a little little girl, a long long time ago I would awake sometime in the depths of blackness of a night (any night) and I was frozen in place unable to even turn over ( the fear was so strong) because I KNEW what was there.  I could sense it and feel its breathe.  I knew if I turned I would see it.  So I did not. I could not.

I never at that time saw the face of my monster.

Throughout the many years of my living, I have come to know my monster intimately.  The name of my monster is cancer.  The difference is that now facing this monster has been part of my journey for many eyars now.  Cancer wrestled with and took my father from me, after cancer ran some unsuccessful skirmishes against my mother.  Cancer has revisited my mother in the last few years, and I had my own intimate skirmish with cancer 8 years ago.  So I faced and bearded my monster.  Cancer has again reared it’s monstrous face, not directly at me, but around one I love dearly.

There is no blood pressure or heart issues in our bloodline, but cancer seems to dog our path gathering those I love.

Not this time.


3 comments on “the Monster under my bed

  1. Definitely a scary monster. My prayers are with the person involved in the struggle.

  2. It can be quite a journey can’t it Dorrie? One day at a time.

  3. {{{hugs}}}

    So far I have not had much contact with that monster. My mom had breast cancer but survived, only to now suffer from Alzheimers. Life can be real shit at times…..

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