End of the world – Update

Psssssttttttt – it is 3.47pm on THAT date and everything is rocketing along smoothly.

Just saying…


5 comments on “End of the world – Update

  1. considering it is sunday morning here…. certainly not. As a matter of fact, never was an issue )

  2. HAHAHA! I know right? So funny that people actually believed this.

  3. it’s now 17:20 in my world…. should I be nervous? Oh, they predicted heavy thunder storms here. Let’s see if at least THAT prediction comes true!

  4. Well 6pm came and went in my world with no discernible change – not hat I expected one, based one one supposed “interpretation” weighed against the weight of the word that says no man will know the day or the hour…

  5. I know..just left a note for Fribnit..I know works has been busy for him lately but expected him to ne all over this!

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