Post Rapture – a day and a half

The world still turns on its wonky axis.  There have been meals cooked, laughter and tears shared, and wih the exception of one icelandic volcano erupting, no earthquakes or other natural disasters.

Noone was taken while another stood beside and hence left.  And this is the last I am saying on this subject.

My birthday is rapidly approaching but so are other events; like MsLizzie’s first school “fake” ( she meant fete).  Apparently there is a cake stall and her mummy suggested something other than cupcakes packages with the recipe would be suitable.  I sense a spate of baking coming on.  I suppose I had better familiarise myself with this oven – what better reason.

Geni has exams all this week and has thoughtfully provided her schedule for subjects and torture dates.  Ah the joys of being 16.

A busy work week lies in wait to catch me up.  The kookaburra laughs outside my bedroom window as I type this, singing this day into being.

Good morning.


2 comments on “Post Rapture – a day and a half

  1. LOL They could be related; seagulls and kookaburras..

  2. Why am I not surprised the Earth is still spinning on its axis? When is your birthday Maggs? I didn’t wake up to a kookaburra outside my window but I did wake up to the sound of seagulls 🙂

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