This winter

For the first time this winter I hear the cold; in the huff and race of the wind as it throws itself against the building and the trees and anything else it can find outside.  In bed, my bottom half still swaddled and toasty in what remains of my night’s accumulated body heat and the doona which trapped it, but my top half in a simple tshirt feel a glide of almost ice down each arm.

Unconsciously I hear cold echoed with my senses.

Cold.  Already I am planning what I should wear today.  Already I am keeping half an eye on minutes and time.  Not yet.  Ahhhhhh  coffee.

Good morning.


3 comments on “This winter

  1. Amen to the coffee!!! I love every minute I am alive…even the scarey ones and the ones full of lesson-opportunities!!

  2. Thank goodness for coffee! Brrrrr

  3. Good morning, Maggs 🙂 I love your description you painted with words upon waking up in the morning ~ one of my most favorite time of the 24 hours. 🙂

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