Sunday was a fete day at Lizzie’s school and my goodness – what a fete.  It was heartening to see what could be accomplished with a committed group of parents living in an area where there is a reasonable level of education…. and a wonderful sense of community.   I have attended many fetes in my life but nothing like this one.  Carnival style rides….6 huge jumping castles, raffles with thousands of dollars in donated prizes and the most delicious pod of fat gentle ponies treading contentedly around carting their precious child burdens, accompanied by parents.  A teacher and his family turned one of the classrooms into a haunted house that was a hit and a half.  A full week was spent preparing this classroom…and we queued for a whole hour to take the little ones through it.  Of course, the little ones were no sooner into the body of the haunted house and Principal Pain appeared and that was it – we needed to decamp rather quickly.

There were lots of queues and Nana ( me) made queue sitting my forte.  Lizzie and I had cooked triple choc brownies and cloud cake the evening before – our contribution to the cake stall.   Mummy manned the cake stall for a one hour shift as well.

The day began with kindergarten children performing.  Their main song was accompanied by sign language which was lovely to see.

Needless to say I was exhausted at the end of it, but happy to have been a part of the day.  I stood there juggling my camera, a strong black coffee and dodging the woman in front of me and her red coated arm thinking how contented I was in THIS moment.  There is a lot to be said for enjoying to the best of one’s ability this exact moment.


2 comments on “Snippets

  1. The slide called me too. The weather was anything but nice; overcast and grey but didn’t dampen Lizzie’s enthusiasm. Her 2 year old sister joined her also.

  2. I so want to go down that slide! Adults should have parties like this.

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