…or how to have a life full of rainbows, unicorns and sparkles while everyone else hauls themself through the muck – or so it seems.  I am going to introduce you to St Pollyanna of Perpetual Hope.  I dub myself that because given 24 hours ( or in exceedingly tough trials 48 hours) if I stay still long enough and remember to breathe, I can begin to see real positives.

The end of a relationship is not the end of my world, it is an opportunity offered by life to move myself higher on the To Do List.  An operation, or a health crisis is life offering a message to stop for a while and care for oneself.  Are you getting the picture?

Often we cannot change what does or doesn’t happen but we can reframe it.  Any dreadful experience can be reframed into an opportunity for gratitude.  Suddenly find 5 extra pounds on the scale?  Think about all those people having operations.  Your body is whole and healthy.  Your life is suddenly a rainbow full of wonder.

There is always something happening in or around my life or the lives of someone I love.  There are so many small opportunities each day to show that love.  Don’t waste today.


2 comments on “Perspective

  1. Thank you for the reminder Maggs. It’s not enough that we love, we got to love.
    Hugggs 🙂

  2. Trials and tributes.
    Mom used to say when I was a young adult that life had a lot of “peaks and valleys-” I tend to agree with her more and more, however, I have learned also that without those “peaks and valleys” one wouldn’t realize how far one has walked to see the light and take in the wonderful views. I try to remind myself that, and yes, struggle a bit in doing so some days, but, eventually see the light and feel better with the release of breathes after climbing that mountain.

    Much and many to you my dear friend (and friends here) xo

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