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Motherhood and what noone tells you

…and what I hve neglected to tell my daughters and only realised this morning.

Noone tells you how you will feel hen your child is direly ill, or injured.  Noone tells you how you are supposed to manage the tidal wave of feeling and thoughts and still manage to stay in the moment and calm and confidant for your child.  Noone tells you how your body will or won’t react or that we face these things.

Life reminded me again last night/today.  I am a little numb.  I am aware of the positives and the great strengths in our family and in the support and love we give each other.

I am aware we walk into and through any storm moment by moment.  These and every moment is infinitely precious.


One comment on “Motherhood and what noone tells you

  1. We think we’ve prepared our children for everything only to discover life throws some things our way that we would never have thought of or never wanted our children to experience. You’ve done a marvelous job with your children, Maggie.

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