One day at a time

Crows are complaining loudly outside my morning window.  Raucously they quarrel and argue, their discord cutting through the traffic tooing and froing sounds I can hear clearly should I stop and listen, focusing my senses plainly outside.

In my mind I am making my list of things to do today.  Before I finalise that mental list and then do itI will finish the crossword that is spread before me on the coverlet like a feast, while sipping the rapidly cooled dregs of the thick black coffee, now an inky smokey swirl calling my attention.

Thinking of fresh air, as the day progresses I will open doors and windows and air the place, letting the wind blow in and through hunting down accumulated smells from life that linger in home corners from a winter week shut in.

Then I will strp on my runners, plug in my iPod and head out – there.  I will wander and take in with all my senses this place and I will try to keep myself in this moment.  Today.  Now.


4 comments on “One day at a time

  1. Hoping it’s a great day Maggie. *hugs*

  2. Thank you for sharing your day and the wisdom to live in now. You captured it wonderfully with your talent in writing. Blessings and love to you 🙂

  3. You too my friend. You too.

  4. This is how I try to live every day as well. It makes it all flow so much more smoothly when I stay in the moment. I hope you have a lovely day Maggs.

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