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Saturday Morning

I sit here as Saturday grows around me.  My new iPad is belting out some of my favourite music, (the sound track to Wicked) Geni has gone to work ( her Saturday shift) and I have just uploaded some quick snaps I took as I travelled northwards for work this week and decided it was time to catch up.

By the way, if anyone wants to come and help me assemble a couple of flat pack chocolate brown waist high cabinets with doors – I would enjoy the company.  I purchased these 2 weeks ago and a third with them.  The first I unboxed, followed instructions and in the course of a Saturday afternoon armed with a trusty couple of screw drivers and instructions which I could miraculously read and follow and a sturdy pair of heels in lieu of a hammer, and the eventual item stands proudly in a previously naked corner usefully providing storage.  However like all good things there was a price to pay; my palms were terribly blistered and bruised.  Consequently I allowed healing tme before attempting cabinet 2 and 3.   Two weeks have passed.  It is time and slated on my To Do list for today.  Wish me luck.  Of course I would welcome help??!!!

Come on Maggie – bite the bullet!!!!

Weekend To DO

  • Wish Ms Lizzie a Happy 5th birthday( my haven’t those 5 years sped by)
  • I cleared Ms Lizzie’s gift with her mum yesterday so I’ll pick it up and wrap it today, in preparation for the scheduled Family cake cutting around lunch time tomorrow.  Yes – the tribe will gather. That makes me smile.  My tribe.  All these wonderful and wondrous personalities and people are here and alive because of me ( except for my mum who will also be there – I am here, because of her!!!!!)
  • Buy coffee.  Would you believe I am out???  GASP!!!  I know I have cut down in the past years but I can’t be out of coffee.
  • Those cabinets and then rearrange.
  • Weekly full home clean; dusting, swiping, vacuuming, mopping
  • Walk for an hour ( hello iPod and runners!!!)
  • Plan the week’s menu and do the grocery shopping for the first couple of days
  • Catch up on all my favourite people’s blogs/lives
  • Find some time to rest
  • Catch up on some documentation
  • Do some reading for my next major assignment
  • Play with my new iPad, a bit more…  some.

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