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A busy and hectic week – and a case for Sargents pies…

My grandson AJ faced another surgery (bravely) at 8 years old on Thursday.  In this one they fed up from the artery in the groin to the jaw, cauterised the blood vessels on the underside, decided not to cauterise those on the top because of the risk of nerve damage, then went in through the […]

Winter = Knitting

At least for me.  The cooler weather sees me pull out knitting needles and embark and projects.  The images are a few from this years crop.

5 O’Clock Friday

Post MRI, there we were sitting in the Children’s Hospital waiting room for the doctor to come to explain what happens next and 5 o’clock rolled around.  Down I looked and there at my feet were a herd of cows swimming through the grey light washing in from a wet and miserable twilight.

Thursday – Breakfast with AJ

Aj and I have had fun planning and preparing our meals.  Breakfast this morning was fluffy scrammbled eggs for AJ with 2 slices of gently toasted bread while I had an egg white omelette on a bed of lightly steamed English spinach spinach.  This provides a good start to our day with good carbs and […]

Unexpected moments.

I went into work on Monday, but Tuesday through to Friday I have taken as annual leave to spend time with AJ ( aged 8).  We have planned menus and shopped daily, to ensure we have the basic supplies we need.  We have wandered bookshops and searched for books that tempt us to disappear into […]

Weekly Good News – Wheelchairs for Kids

The news is full of the perceived failures and negatives, underscoring how venal and self absorbed “people” are as a rule, reinforcing the fact “people” think first and foremost ( and often) only of themselves.  My weekly good news is a small attempt at what I see as balance and an antidote for this common […]


exhale, breathe live. Today was a long one with much covered.  Doctor’s appointments, moments with treasured loved ones, rest.  Coffee in a bowl, (honest I was joking when I said I wanted a bucket of it….) the tiniest most delicate purple blossoms, the reality that I am slowly inching my way into living safely, cautiously […]