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Weekly Good News – Wheelchairs for Kids

The news is full of the perceived failures and negatives, underscoring how venal and self absorbed “people” are as a rule, reinforcing the fact “people” think first and foremost ( and often) only of themselves.  My weekly good news is a small attempt at what I see as balance and an antidote for this common negative news trend.

Wheelchairs for Kids is an organisation staffed by retired volunteers.  Check out their website and see how a small group of people, supported initially by the Rotary Club in their local community began making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.  Have a box of tissues nearby.

The news is full of the British parliamentary enquiry into media and the Murdoch hacking scandal. What surprises me is that people/the public are outraged.  The questioning was streamed live across all commercial channels as far away as Australia.  It raises all sorts of questions about vast amounts of money and power.

But I prefer to dwell on how ordinary people are making a difference.  this is my antidote to the negative trend.  A small slice.



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