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Ideas on being happy….

despite being imperfect. Ask yourself this question:  does your self worth lie in your looks or does it lie in the way you connect with your children, your work or your talent/s? And another one….  Have you noticed that happy people don’t necessarily have happier lives than everyone else?  Their days and the events are […]

A few moments

I know I have been quiet, but there is not a lot for me to say right now.  The weeks are full and long: a jigsaw of work and errands, sweetness and sourness, ordinariness and love. I bend beneath the mountain of all the pieces which refuse to fit, no matter how hard I try […]


My body is yelling at me because my personal trainer changed the program and my body knows.  I guess it needed the shakeup… every time I lift an arm or climb up a stair, my muscles yell loudly at me. Yes.  I am on a 9 week challenge.  This is an interesting experience.  For me. […]

Reminder from Life

Geni and I had supper out last night and on our return home, my mobile phone rang ( by the time I fished it out of my bag it had stopped) swiftly followed by the landline/house phone. Mum was calling to tell me that a girl who lived across the road from Mum, and who […]