Reminder from Life

Geni and I had supper out last night and on our return home, my mobile phone rang ( by the time I fished it out of my bag it had stopped) swiftly followed by the landline/house phone.

Mum was calling to tell me that a girl who lived across the road from Mum, and who is just 2 years older than me was in hospital and not expected to live through the night.  Nothing sinister or an accident.  She went into hospital three weeks ago with pneumonia and didn’t respond well to treatment.  The medical staff induced a coma to give the body assistance to heal, but to no avail.  Her family were called in to say goodbye.

Cheryl has a daughter around Amy’s age with three young children under 5 and a husband recently diagnosed as bipolar.  Rachel, her husband and little ones have lived with Cheryl and Cheryl was a big part of this young family’s life.

Cheryl’s husband ( or ex husband) Brad lived above the garage and the two of them were good friends and went on regular outings together.  He is recovering from testicular cancer. I have not successfully managed to stay friendly with any of my ex’s.

Cheryl also had twin boys in their early 20’s.  One of whom has also been diagnosed as bipolar.

Cheryl is in her fifties, as I am.  Noone saw this coming.

Mum was wondering why she, in her eighties could walk into and out the other end of all these medical emergencies and crises and Cheryl is taken so young.  Mum is worried for Rachel as a young mother who has relied on her mother’s close help.

I have tossed and turned all night.  Each time I woke and surfaced I thought of Cheryl and wished her peace.

In her late teens Cheryl was a little wild and tried all sorts of drugs and substances.  Who knows what impact that experimentation had on her ability to fight through the assault on her aging body.

Makes me think.  None of us know when our time is.  As I wander over after work, usually with a child in tow how often I would see Cheryl taking out the garbage or chatting and wave a hello.  One never knows.

Today I am going to make the most of today.


4 comments on “Reminder from Life

  1. So true, Gina. What a year we are having. In the moment…my current mantra.

  2. Too true my friend. But she is much of an age with us!!!

  3. She ended up a lovely woman even though she lived a wild life in her younger days (but you have to remember she went to Matraville High). When it is our time we then leave all our loved ones, it is the loved ones that need lots of love and support. Cheryl is now at piece.

  4. Yes. The death of a neighbor, friend, or relative is often shocking in it’s unexpectedness. I think it reminds us that ‘life’ is about living each moment fully, and filling it with as much love and joy as we can. I am very sorry for her family, and will keep them wrapped tenderly in my heart, thoughts, and prayers. ((hugs)) and love~ Gina

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