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My body is yelling at me because my personal trainer changed the program and my body knows.  I guess it needed the shakeup…..so every time I lift an arm or climb up a stair, my muscles yell loudly at me.

Yes.  I am on a 9 week challenge.  This is an interesting experience.  For me. And despite my muscles yelling at me – secretly I love it.  The weight that gathered around my small bones like a heavy winter coat as my relationship died, that has in some ways protected me since – well, I am on a mission to take that old and unneeded coat off and move into a more active and more healthy life.

Use it or lose it!!  Cheryl’s passing so unexpectedly this week reminded me how little I have to complain about.  I just need a tweak here and there and generally I am sound, hale and hearty.  So onwards to the best me possible.

Tomorrow Leonnie (age 15) has day surgery and I have taken a leave day and will be there with her and for her.  It means a nice early start ( I am leaving here at 10 to 4 in the morning. )  If all goes well, she will head home around lunchtime and we wait for pathology.  That can be up to 2 weeks.  Leonnie will come up to my place Saturday for the weekend.  Friday night I have another personal training session booked and willjoin the walking group at 7am Saturday morning for an hour with an 11am body combat class.  I wonder if I will be able to move on Sunday or if I should take shares in panadol?


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