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A surprise

          At the end of a busy work day, in the middle of an exceptionally busy work week I wandered across town to the rail station ducking and weaving all the way.  I think I do this on auto pilot.  Somehow I duck and avoid someone’s elbow, weave and not run […]

The day doesn’t wait for a missing left shoe

Exciting times

We live in a climate of change within the area I work.  The previous government was unseated at the last election and the opposite were votd in and this started with changes high in the ranks and has finally started to filter through to the day-to-day. I am excited.  But I hve noticed so many […]

“Every man’s memory is his private literature.” ~Aldous Huxley

Wandering around the city at lunchtime trailing eldest daughter and youngest daughter, browsing sales for children’s clothing ….. wandering from rack to rack looking, lifting, waving for attention and following in wake of eldest daughter, she turned suddenly and looked at me and said: “IF you pick up one more thing that has three frills […]

“What is important in life is life, and not the result of life.” Goethe

Spending time within a children’s hospital is a great leveller.  I know as an adult and a parent there is a requirement to “provide”; roof, food, safety.  But what you experience and observe at a Children’s Hospital takes the past and the future and leaves them distant.  Somehow the NOW ( immediacy) comes to the […]



Aj is my grandson and 8 years old ( 9 in November ).  Since around Easter this year, his face has distorted and no matter what the doctors do or try, it doesn’t seem to work to fix this or normalise his little face.  He has undergone procedure after procedure and we walk into each […]

“Goals are Dreams with deadlines!!” 21 Days – Day 1

Fitness: Cardio in the morning. Today plan my week; 30 minutes of cardio per day ( using the 8 second rule ) resistence training three times ( with time to recover and schedule this.  Yoga and stretching before bed. Daily. Stick these appointments in my calendar and stick to them.  No excuses. Plan a week’s […]