9 11 – Ten Years Ago

Where were you?

I was sleeping overnight at my mother’s place; the place I grew up from age 4.  Also sleeping over was Amy.  The place has three bedrooms and we each had one.   Amy came in not long after I had fallen asleep and pulled me into her room and we stared at the television watching the footage, playing over and again, and then again, the planes slamming into the World Trade Center Towers, and the horrifying footage of people with lined hands falling to their death.

Craig Gibson, from Randwick ( a suburb not far from here where I went through school) was on the 94th floor of the World Trade Center. Rest in Peace.

Ten years later 3501 children grew up without aparent as a direct result of that one horrible act.  The emergency services persons and firefighters have themselves developed terminal lung disease and are now beginning to passaway – fall out still from that one horrible act.

I am writing this just a few minutes away from when the North Tower fell.  It changed the world.  As a mother I abhor and hate useless waste of lives when we pour so much of ourselves into protecting and raising our children.

What a waste.

The world is different.


4 comments on “9 11 – Ten Years Ago

  1. I was visiting a former classmate in norther California who I hadn’t seen in years…. found her via the internet and we were like sisters! It happened the day before my flight out back home to my parents in San Diego before returning to Germany. Needless to say, my flight didn’t fly and I got stuck a couple of days longer. I was beginning to think I would never get back home! Then my flight back to Germany got rescheduled. It was eerie waiting for my connecting flights in very empty terminals with all the shops closed…..

  2. I too remember where I was when JFK died – it carried a sense of an ending to “hope”. I know Australian soldiers, too die in foreign lands in this ongoing war. I think of mothers, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, and fathers some will never have the joy of knowing. Today is another day send random “I love you” messages to my loved ones. (I love and care for both of you, too! )

  3. I had just gotten out of bed and was having my first cup of coffee when I switched on the television and watched in numb horror the first plane crash into the tower. I called to my daughters who were getting ready for school, and they watched with me as the world changed, and the second tower fell, then the Pentagon. We all dropped to our knees and cried and prayed. I had two Uncles die that day. I will never forget the fear that engulfed me, or the deep sadness I felt.

  4. I had just gotten to work. I worked at the time for a small non-profit and we all huddled around the TV. I called my mother who doesn’t watch TV. I think it took a while for her to grasp the significance. I also remember saying to my coworkers, “This day will be like the day JFK was shot, we all spend the rest of our lives saying, ‘I remember where I was when this happened”.”

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