Exciting times

We live in a climate of change within the area I work.  The previous government was unseated at the last election and the opposite were votd in and this started with changes high in the ranks and has finally started to filter through to the day-to-day.

I am excited.  But I hve noticed so many ducking and weaving and trying to avoid any change.


How interesting.


4 comments on “Exciting times

  1. Burst, once the dust settles it is pretty much guaranteed that things will be stable for at least 8 years ( 1 term + 1 extra)

  2. I am not a fan of the parliamentary system. It places too much control in the hands of the bureaucracy, which means that the bureaucracy is more vulnerable than in a presidential system. I am OK with our form of change because in the course of 4 years, we will have had two revolutions without bloodshed.

  3. Change resistant is how I would categorise a lot of the people I work with and around. It is an interestng exercise in ghuman nature watching this. Hi Petal!! 🙂

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