Yesterday I met an angel

My days for the last several weeks have been spread between being home to get Teen up and to school then a one and a half hour trip by public transport to a hospital where my grandson has been recovering from the removal of a tumour, and in the process the removal of his jaw bone and hinge and replacement with another fashioned from his fibula.  After days of long hours, rest only happens after a one and a half to two hour journey homewards.

Each and every day I have been there, for him but also for my daughter.  And I would do it again, many times over.

This has been a tough journey but also has afforded me many opportunities to see things we would not normally see, or acknowledge as we rush through life.

Yesterday I met an angel.

Last Wednesday and the previous Wednesday, one of the parents of a class mate of my grandson ( a mother) dropped by the hospital and left a bag of toys and small games and doodads for AJ. She was there with her daughter for treatment. Two years ago her daughter had the same tumour removed from the bone above her eye, and last year it recurred elsewhere.  This wonderful little girl has endured not just an operaion similar to AJ’s but also a year of chemo and is still undergoing treatment and the family have not received a positive prognosis as yet.  When her mother told me that t was like the whole room was holding it’s breath.  There is a part of me holding my breath too.

20 minutes I spent in the presence of this child who literally glowed.  And her caring and wonderful mother. She was positive and playful and wonderful with AJ.  Her mother touched me deeply too. The family have an 11 year old son who as a result of this journey is far older than his 11 years.  It humbles me that in the midst of this gut wrenching hard and lonely battle, this woman took the time to contact my daughter and show she was not alone.

I have to paint this child.


3 comments on “Yesterday I met an angel

  1. I am so sorry things have been so difficult. What a tough time for your grandson and your family. Sending all positive thoughts and prayers your way that things take a turn for the better. Hang in there!

  2. thanks westy. We are hoping, too.

  3. {{{hugs}}}
    life brings people into your world when they need to be there. I have experienced that so often over my life time…. at times it’s really scary.
    Hoping that AJ and that woman’s daughter have full recovery!!!

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