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With a group of 9 others, I spent an hour yesterday evening doing a bootcamp workout in a location not far from home.  The sun was going down, we stretched, worked up a sweat and pushed our bodies, all supervised and nudged by a fitness professional.

I finished and thought to myself that wasn’t too bad, then this morning I tried to turn over in bed and my leg muscles screamed at me silently.  Yes. it was indeed a good workout.

This group meets twice a week for n hour and is just that little different to my normal fitness routine.  I like to mix it up to keep my body progressing.  There are the things I do every day ( like a dawn one hour walk – there I change the route) and incidental exercise I build into my day ( like getting off the train one stop further away in a morning and walking back or if I have appointment’s out and about during the day, I walk there and back all over Town) but occasionally these bursts of something are invigorating.

Summer has moved in for a week or two.  Summer for us means heat and humidity.  The heat I adore, the humidity is draining.

AJ is doing well and improving and is a brave little boy.  He is home, has crutches, is giving cheek and will not be returning to school this year.

As for me, I am about to warm up my leg muscles before I hobble through my day ( in an undignified way).


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