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“ject” – what does it mean

subJECT- throw under  |  obJECT- throw in the way  |  inJECT – throw in |  eJECT- throw from  |  abJECT-absolutely thrown |  adJECTive  |  conJECTure- thrown together  |  deJECTed- thrown down  |  reJECT- thrown out  |  inJECT – throw in |  interJECT-throw between  | proJECT –  throws forth |  traJECTories – paths thrown across  |

  • from the latin word meaning “to throw”
  • can end also with ive and ed eg subJECTive and onJECTed, es/ly/ ion/etc

The same latin root, but with the addition of prefixes and suffixes add colour and depth to our composite language.

I began thinking about variety and our gene pool.  This is where it all came from.  A simple train journey and instead of plugging myself mindlessly into something to distract, instead I opened my eyes and my mind and I looked at the infinite variety of people around me and I marvelled.

There are so many ways we present as people.  Thinking about it, that simple lesson and thought is all around us, like the root “ject”.  We use it commonly as we struggle to communicate in all aspects of our lives.  We use that latin root and some variant in common usage today, but do we think of what it really means or where it comes from?

This week, I did.


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