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My black leather couch has dandruff….

….at least that’s what it looks like!

To let the breeze in and air the place, I left the balcony doors open and when I arrived home after eating ash unconsciously ( you know that feeling when you breath in and hot ash bites acridly at the back of your throat?) and fighting my way through a visible ash cloud, I looked at my loungeroom furniture and the couch  – in fact both couches – look like they have dandruff.

Back burning.  Late spring, northern leafy suburbs of Sydney.  This is when the Fire Services both rural and city group together and burn out the dried accumulated fuel.  A bit like preventative medicine or innoculation, here they burn through the  dried up detrius of a year or more in the hopes of decreasing the fuel available as the mercury soars.

The NSW Ambulance Service said people should stay in air-conditioned premises if possible, avoid rigorous exercise and cover their nose and mouth with a mask designed to filter fine particles.  I have always had lung issues (since I was 2) but as much as possible I don’t let it impact on living and life.  Here I have a built in excuse NOT to BootyCamp train outside tomorrow evening – except it is not an excuse I will indulge or take.  I am committed.  This will happen.  And the afterburn for a day or two following a workout makes it worthwhile, not to mention the energy and stamina that comes as a benefit.  Can you tell I am hooked??

We have already had a day with mercury tipping the 100F/37C ( yesterday in fact) so remember to have your bushfire plan ready and check NSW Rural  Fire Service regularly for alerts.

May we all make wise choices, stay hydrated and survive.


One comment on “My black leather couch has dandruff….

  1. Psst…glasses? Print is getting bigger here, like my own.Chuckles…
    And good grief, 1oo-f? that’s far too hot for me, don’t know how you could stand it.((Fans self here in thought)) You be careful of that ash darling, I don’t want to hear about another, sighs, hospital visit, ever, unless we’re having more grand-babies.Humph.

    As for your lovely visit and comment in my blog? thank-you dear one, I left you a reply there:)
    Hope things are getting better your way in regards to your grandson:)

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