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The perfect formal dress……from Princess Polly

Two 5 hour shopping days and a small slice of three hours in the middle of a workday…….end to end, shop to shop in one shopping center and from one end of Town to the other and rack after rack after rack of formal dresses for a first formal….

Then she mentioned Princess Polly.   Westfield Sydney at the Pitt Street Mall downstairs is a franchise outlet.  Unlike most stores pitched at the fashion conscious young teen, this does not have claustrophobic walls lined and cluttered with rack after rack of the same clothing.  This franchise has rented wall-less space and places a counter/till outlet smack in the middle and festooned with a series of racks loaded with carefully chosen items.

This is what teenage girls want and it is eminently affordable.  From wandering clothing/fashion stores where teen picked up one or two items and turned her nose up over and over, and wandering literally miles,  across several days ( and I mean miles each day), it was refreshing to find her with six items, all of which fitted her beautifully and ending up with a choice.

Princess Polly supply items right on trend for their market at such an affordable price I bought 2 and still spent less than I expected.   She looked and felt beautiful and was Sooooooooo excited, she telephoned her friends.

Each style has only a few examples, usually across 3 or 4 sizes and no more. Noone else at the formal will be wearing the same item.  Which is a big plus.

As a mother of a teen, I can heartily recommend this store.  The assistant also had a genuine understanding and appreciation of daughter’s taste.  The items she brought to us for consideration were all eagerly tried on, adding to the burden of choice.

So mothers, if you are struggling and your seet one is having panic attacks because the formal is close and she can find NOTHING suitable or everyone else has the ideal outfits……. try Princess Polly.  Affordable, plenty of choice, and spot on trend of the young teen.

Btw both dresses are in an milk tone with a sheen.  Absolutely simple but gorgeous.


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