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Thanksgiving – Not an Aussie Tradition, but I am grateful.

In Australia, thanksgiving is not a “native” feast.  Not for us tales of winter, Indians, corn and gratitude.  Our historical and current survival stories figure around horrific storms and floods, and bushfires.

So, in the spirit of thanksgiving and thankfulness, I have much to be thankful for.

  • AJ.  My 9 year old grandson returns to school on Monday for the first time in many many months.  Around Easter, out of nowhere, for no reason anyone has been able to explain to us, AJ developed an aggressive tumour in the bone of his right jaw.  To edit a long and torturous story about an agonising journey for us all on 21 October, an amazing 5 surgical teams removed his jaw, fashioned a replacement from his fibula and a hinge from the cartilege in his ribcage over the longest day of our lives.  To get from there to here, with scarring craftily obscured makes me grateful.  The tumour was 7cm in diameter.  There has been no recurrence.  And every single day I am grateful for that!!! For this alone, I am grateful we are living now in this day and time where this expertise is available.  Where the doctors went to extreme lengths to find a successful solution after every other thing they tried, failed.
  • I am grateful love found my daughter Pandy.  Not one of us would have imagined this time last year that she would be married before year’s end.  And she is.  Love and a amazing man were waiting to waylay her and this journey has begun.  There is such love between them that it is tangible.  The legal wedding was last Saturday, and we have pulled magicians acts to ensure a wonderful personal reception for Sunday week.  You should see my checklists.
  • Leonnie aged 15 graduated from Year 10 and her report is spectacular as always.  Well done, Leonnie.
  • Geni is beginning course work that will see her complete High School October 2012.  I am grateful she is a very “normal” teenage girl.  (I think once my last two are well out of their teens I might write a handbook on surviving teenagers  – I certainly have had lots of practise.
  • I still have mum.  Stomach cancer, golden staph, dystentry.  Still at 85 she is going strong although increasingly frail.  Every single day I am grateful for her.  I treasure each and every one.                              “My mom is a neverending song in my heart
    of comfort, happiness, and being.
    I may sometimes forget the words but I always remember the tune. “
    Gracie Harmon
  • I have a close friendship with Tess and Amy that adds joy to my daily walk through life.  They are also daughters, but my friends. Too.
  • My work is interesting and rewarding and what I contribute is valuable and valued.  It also covers my financial commitments to everyone else, independently.
  • My friends.  Those I know from life.  And those I may not have met face to face, but those who I know form our communications.   Love and care is the same regardless of how we know each other.  Just know I care and I am grateful for your care.

Here I could make a list of all the things I would like in my life but don’t have.  But in truth I don’t focus much on those.  I take a big deep breath, and count my blessings and concentrate my energy on what I am able to do and can do, and what is allowed me.  And then I trust that if things are meant, life will bring anything else to me in the right time and way.

I choose to adopt in my every day in my very imperfect life, an “attitude of gratitude”.


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