Today’s Checklist- a small slice of my life

  1. Deliver Bonbonierre to Tess.  The celebratory printed chocolates  have been living beneath my desk because work is air conditioned 24/7 and these chocolates need to be stable until Sunday. They are small bars that are printed to personally thank each of 60 guests to Pandy and Cisco’s wedding.  This insulated foam box also contained 200 small heart chocolates covered in red foil and 60 small black stands so the printed chocolates can be used as place mats when we set the table.  The weather has been jumping from 100F/ 40C to 70F/20C.  Not good for chocolate bars to hold their shape.  Having checked the weather forecast, after yesterdays heat, the weather should be stable around 70 – ish for the next 5 or 6 days.  Yeah chocolate.  Tess can take them home safely.  And they can be taken to the reception venue Saturday night.
  2. Complete business requirements document and functional specification.  After several interviews with key stakeholders, to better understand what that business area are seeking to do, I have penciled in a couple of hours to document workflow and requirements for their sign off prior to a assigning a developer and initiating this project.
  3. Collect Tess’ dress from the bespoke tailor ready for the wedding.  I will be going along with Tess during our lunchtime.  She and I like walking lunches.  Tess and I like wandering the shops. Together.
  4. Geni’s dress.  Nag her to find it, and make time.  We are running out of time!!
  5. Phone Leonnie.  Her formal is tonight.  Wish her a wondrous time.  Remind her to take lots of pictures.
  6. Walk 10,000 steps.  Yesterday I clipped on a pedometer for the first time and counted my steps.  It was an interesting experience because it showed me what activity is required to reach my 10,000 steps a day routine.
  7. Complete a stretching routine.  Since bootcamp is only Monday, Wednesday and Friday after work I have discovered that a 45 minutes stretching session on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening before bed helps unknot some of my muscles.
  8. Book in the work Christmas function.  Have already canvassed all staff for times and dates and reached consensus.  Have also circulated the menu and settled on a final date next week.
  9. Visit mum.  Thursday night is my night to drop in and spend a couple of hours doing little bits and pieces for her and with her, or alternately just sit with her a while and keep her company.
  10. Nourishment.  Pack Geni’s lunch, think about dinner for us both.  How does mushroom and chicken risotto with freshly shaved parmesan sound to you with steamed asparagus and bok choy dressed with soy and ginger on the side????
  11. Nails; toes and fingers.  Manicure and polish on the menu for this evening.
  12. Weekend events – leadup to Sunday’s celebration.  Firm up who is doing what and when, with whom.  I know it is cryptic, but it is around a gaggle of girls, hair, nails, and time together.
  13. Charge up my camera battery.  To capture all weekend moments.
  14. Pack overnight bag.  I have no idea where I might end up.  Include iPad and charger, phone charger, makeup and nail repair bits and clothing suitable for whatever.  As well as pjs, hair straightener, and sewing kit for running repairs.
  15. Phone two specific friends.

3 comments on “Today’s Checklist- a small slice of my life

  1. Tess has been married a number of years now… (5?? I think!!) Pandy and Francisco had a 20 minute registry office legal wedding on 19th November, and on 5th December we are having a celebrant ceremony as well as a reception for 60 people.

  2. It sounds incredibly busy and filled with fun! Hooray for chocolate, and any celebration that includes it! 🙂 Have a wonderful time! ((hugs)) Gina

  3. Busy! But lovely busy. Is it Tess getting married or Pandy? I thought Pandy was already married (ie: just a couple of weeks ago)… I’m confused! How’s AJ?

    WIll try and call you over the weekend, or at the very least next week after the madness of this weekend has passed.

    Take care, Sammi

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