Christmas Preparation and Delays….

“Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is.”  GARY ZUKAV

This year in our family, after such a busy time ( with things still percolating away and a major event scheduled for this coming Sunday) our normal Christmas Tree and Christmas decorating weekend has been postponed one week.

This end of this particular year has been chock a block full of changes and in some instances events beyond our control.  Some of these have been dire; choices and happenings we did not cause ( that we know of) but which we as a family had no choice but to face, make horrendous and impossible decisions and take huge risks. That hurdle vaulted, endured and survived with many , many positives out the other end, we walked immediately into a wedding.

The wedding was in two parts; a simple 20 minute legal ceremony.  And the second part we have had a few weeks to orchestrate magically.  This celebration of this marriage will take place beginning 11.30am this coming Sunday.   Here a large group of friends and relatives will join together with the immediate family, to celebrate this commitment.   This commitment has been made for better and for worse.   This intention for both is ’til death do them part.  What is even more miraculous is the palpable love I see in each look between them, in the air around them as they do the smallest most ordinary things.

As a mother, I never saw this coming nor expected it.  As a mother I endorse this wholeheartedly.  I could not be happier for them.

For myself that kind of love has never found me.  But that does not mean I do not believe in it.  I am smiling here as I remember my older girls vocally rounding on me for embedding my belief in love as real within them.

Looking at this daughter glowing unexpectedly, and unplanned, I am heartwhole glad I did this.  I am glad this one value wound its way into them all.

But back to the waylaying of our family Christmas tradition.  because of this affirmation of life and love we have the honour and privelege to celebrate, Christmas Tree weekend will go back one week.

As there are so many of us ( I gave birth to seven children) and my children have been having their own children for some time now, you can only imagine how many of this little tribe there now is.

Despite every single one of us loving Christmas and presents, we have agreed from last year that the grownups would do Kris Kringle with an $100 limit.  Of course the children we are free to spoil.  I also creatively interpret what constitutes a child – especially since I gave birth to so many of them.  This year to organise  Kris Kringle we are using an online service called Elfster which is a nice improvement on names from hats and allows participants to add items to a wishlist.

So Christmas Tree weekend is next weekend.  And occasionally in the lead up to Christmas I will post memories of Christmas past.





2 comments on “Christmas Preparation and Delays….

  1. I am down to one day at a time . In truth it always should have been like this, and I am counting my blessing. BTW – you are one of my blessings 🙂

  2. I had a moment of Christmas decorating magic today and was reminded what the season is really about. I have not yet begun contemplating the changes that took place this year but there have been many. This was a wonderful entry Maggs, thank you for sharing.

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