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Saturday Morning – Random Lists

Random thoughts:

ONE:  During the week in hunting THE perfect red dress with and for someone else, I saw the most magnificent dress.  I have no use or need for it, but it was glorious swathed around a shop front celluloid dummy.  I checked the price tag.  Of course, the one item I see that I like in a shopping wander is $3,500.

TWO: Thank you for the sleep in this morning.  My body, mind and soul thank you for not having to arise at 5am.  There is so much that will be happening in the next 48 hours, that we will need every moment of peace we might all find.

THREE: I remember hosting epic and memorable dinners for selected invitees when the children were young.  This celebration on the brink of our lives will be an epic beginning to a marriage, catered by Francisco.  We are all making mental and physical lists and ticking off tasks and items to ensure tomorrow’s celebration is wondrous and magical.

FOUR: My list. 1) Nails – fingers and feet. 2) Hair – wash, check fringe, do inital straighten. 3) Pack overnight bag: iPad and charger; camera and charger after fully charging phone and removing all existing pictures from the memory card; pj’s; sewing kit; makeup; toothbrush; outfit, shoes and undies for the celebration; fairy lights; spare socks and undies; wear leggings and top with runners; hair elastic plus a spare; emery board for nail repairs and nail polish in colour of choice for repairs; book to read; notepad and pencil case, for sketches and thoughts; jewellery; 4) do the weeks washing and leave it to dry naturally while we are all running around like chickens with our head chopped off. 5) clean out fridge. 6) clean bathrooms, kitchen, bedroom, hall- take out garbage, dust, vacuum. 7) begin thinking about Christmas and decorations.

How is your Saturday


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