Seized by a bug…

On and off I slept a bit here, and a bit more there.  Each time I told myself I had no real reason to get up yet, and could rest and sleep in – so I made myself fall into rest and sleep.  I dreamed over and again of running.  Stepping out and into running, pacing out steadily distance.

Finally it was light and I thought I had indeed managed a sleep in so I reached over and checked the time.  Sleep in?  6.18am??  I gave up at this point and got up and started sorting.

Christmas cleaning has seized me; sorting, cleaning, organising, donating, getting rid of anything I haven’t used or worn in a year…. I live in an apartment.  It is organised and comfortable but doesn’t have a  lot of room for storage.  I have a one -in-one-out policy.  And since moving in I have assiduously and tenaciously organised and gone through anything I have in storage boxes.

It feels good.

I have one work week ahead of me and then two weeks leave.  I am looking forward to time not working.

6 more sleeps until Christmas.

3 comments on “Seized by a bug…

  1. I must confess I enjoy that sense of satisfaction when all is organised and done.

  2. I have been doing the same- I think it’s that time of the year.. *hugs*

  3. You and I both share that neat/orgainzed gene. Merry Christmas, Maggs. 😉


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