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“I want to look at life – at the commonplaces of existence – as if we had just turned a corner and run into it for the first time.” – Christopher Fry

Sunday morning in my world.  I slept in ( until 7.18am ) Big sleepin, huh?  Bear in mind my usual rising time on a work morning is 5.30am so I can get an hour exercise in before showering, breakfasting and heading into work. But Sunday is a different creature.   There are some things I need […]

Life is good

I am excited today, because I have time to work on a project I am starting Monday.  It is a personal 12 week project, and has been a long time coming.  But now is the moment to begin, and the excitement bubbles in me as I prepare. To get to this point there are so […]

Amazing moments in life “Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing.” ~ Wayne Dyer

Holding hands Waking up and find the scales are .5 of a kilo past your goal weight Donating an entire wardrobe of larger sized clothes to charity stores Hanging up a smaller size of clothing in the wardrobe, knowing it now fits perfectly Finding amazing clothes on sale when you need them most Unexpected moments […]

Australia Day

It is nice to have a Public Holiday mid week not long after returning to work after Christmas.  This has enabled me to do all sorts of things: collect daughter’s warranty repaired laptop from the Apple store collect some stationery from Kikki K ( some to assist Geni in course planning and assignment tracking for […]

Maggie’s Morning Thought

A Bit of This and That

After a week where I seemed to be moving somewhere, doing something or several things all day every day, the lazy Saturday start was a nice counter balance. Lazy for me, means puttering about planning weekly menus, purchasing the fresh food I need for the first three days of the coming week, organising my vitamins […]

Maggie’s Morning Thoughts

Just before Christmas, each and every work morning, the first thing I did at work after logging into the network and opening email, was to send out to my entire work team ( plus a few add-ons scattered throughout the building and across the city) an email with Maggie’s Morning Thoughts in the subject line. […]