First Day of 2012 Thoughts

Christmas/New Year coincides with a two week work shutdown which coincides with my desire to spring clean.  Inside drawers, cupboards, the entire wardrobe; I even get out the step ladder and clean down high surfaces.  It is satisfying.

Stopping for two weeks also sees some hidden reflex inside of me say “Ahhhhhh. She’s stopped.  Time to get sick!!”.    So here I am post Christmas doing small parcels of sorting and cleaning and organising with  a horrible cough and choked up with muck.  Oh and the associated ache telling me my body is fighting infection .   I am grateful I do not have to push through this and have two weeks to “rest” as much as possible and not much planned.

Today AJ and I awoke at a reasonable time after going to sleep after midnight.  AJ ate his breakfast and is playing Spiderman on the Wii while I potter about on here for a bit and sip my morning coffee.

I mean to begin as I wish to continue.  As I have some further health and fitness goals, I will begin as I mean to go forward.  This means two defined exercise sessions each day, 6 days a week.  The aim is fitness.  Bootcamp does not start up again until mid January so I shall have to improvise.  I have put into my calendar for the first month each proposed exercise appointment.  I shall adhere to them as if they were an outside appointment or meeting.  This is part of my journey towards one of my personal goals.

What are my passions?  What brings me joy and makes each day exciting and fulfilling?  What brings me joy and peace?  This is a journey I am undertaking this year.

What are you looking at this year?



4 comments on “First Day of 2012 Thoughts

  1. I will be popping in on you, too. Thanks for popping by. I understand and appreciate declutterisation!! LOL

  2. Instead of taking this time off to simply just “be”, I’ve done heavy duty cleaning and organizing. It really is so self satisfying. I hope you feel better and I hope you reach all your goals for the new year…I’ll be reading !

  3. Thanks Chris. And the best to you and yours, also!!!

  4. Okay..first…this need to clean thing…I can provide the opportunity if you run out of it at home…secondly please do take some time to rest so your body can shake that annoying illness. Third? Wishing you and yours the best year yet! 🙂

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