Continuous Improvement

I have time on my hands.  I have read all the hardcopy books that lay in wait, I have sorted through all my stored clothing and reordered, and cast away unsuitable or untouched or a year…. And despite my body deciding to not play nicely with me I find myself planning and executing little change ventures.

We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are.” ~ Max DePree

I like and appreciate order.  Last year I instituted a one in, one out policy.  If I purchased new running shoes, then the old must go – for example.  Partially this is because we reside in an apartment with limited space.   Partially it was because of an awareness that the world has increasingly placed value on new this and that continuously.  I remember a time where a new outfit for casual and good happened twice a year.  I see in my children and grandchildren a change in values;  they are heading out, therefore they need something new immediately.  This has prompted me to reflect and to pare down what I keep and have on hand to what I need rather than what I want.

The most dangerous kind of waste is the waste we do not recognize. ” ~Shigeo Shingo

In Sydney at 2011 became 2012 $5million dollars were spent on a fireworks display which was beautiful but lasted only 12 minutes.  I am a taxpayer.  In June 2011 our Government ceased all export of live cattle to Indonesia with no warning.  The impact of this is that some holdings who had raised, fed and nurtured cattle to this purpose close to trucking and transfer ( in other words their annual pay) were severely out of pocket.  In some instances these farmers were unable to continue and after families’ generations on the same land, ave been forced to face defeat and prepare to leave the land they and their fathers have loved and fought for.  Farming in Australia has never been easy.  Please know that this loss was not because of any decision the farmers made.  This was a decision by a Minister which shut down an export industry.

My question is, WHY are we spending so much money on 12 minutes of fireworks?  Why was that money not diverted to compensate these families for what they lost?

We have so much and access to so much.  In Africa a famine was declared by the United Nations in Somalia for the first time in 30 years.  Children were and are dying.  Do we really need that extra new outfit?  If everyone bought one less outfit and donated the money to the famine appeal how many young lives would we save?

I choose to be the change I hope to see in this world.  I ask myself these questions, so I am asking you, too.

One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it. ” ~Sidney Howard




4 comments on “Continuous Improvement

  1. Thank you for visiting. I have just popped into your blog and have followed you – I shall enjoy sharing these word walks with you.

  2. I am just pottering and working through things Joan, with cleaning. Fireworks or not is an interesting balance. I know.

  3. I meant to do more cleaning up but didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped. Tree out and all the Christmas decorations put away today.

    I can’t decide how I feel about the fireworks. People enjoy them so much. It would be sad not to have them at all but they are ridiculously expensive and the insurance is so high. We eventually stopped them in the NY festival I was involved in and I don’t think we have them here in Charleston at all any more on NY. We do have them on July 4th still.

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