Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

Abi and Lizzie, their mum  (my daughter Tess) and I met at The Powerhouse Museum yesterday.  This got the little ones and us older ones out of the house but also provided an opportunity to see what was on offer for littlies during these long summer holiday times.

At 5 and 2, they were a little young for The Harry Potter Exhibition although to actually enter the venue the queues were riddled with tweens, and teen Happy Potter afficionados (I almost said tragics….) and their long suffering parents and in some instances grandparents.  Once inside these people AGAIN had to queue for the timed tours they had already paid for to enter this exhibition.

We purchased the general entry tickets which were very affordable.  I came down by train and after a 15 minute walk from Central Station was at the front door.  Tess and the girls parked part way and caught the light rail in.  We also discovered that there is concessional parking available if you are attending the museum – worthwhile to note!!!

To satisfy and engage these two we visited The Wiggles Exhibition ( not once, but twice).  We found the first time round with the tidal sweep of parents and children that we walked fully through all the exhibition with these two and it was a bit daunting to them.  The touched an item here and there but did not really get into anything.  It was colourful, interactive and pitched to the right level for young ones, too.

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We took them through the Science and robotics area where Lizzie sent me a Science Postcard via email and then outside to the food concessions for much needed hydration and food to fuel them.

They then played in Cog’s Playground.  After this we took them through The Wiggles again ( at their request).  Second time around they were more engaged and involved, interacting with the puzzles, dancing with the dvd’s screened and generally having a good time.

In all, a good couple of hours was enjoyed by us all during one of the hottest days of the summer.

Catching the light rail back to the car did not require a long wait.

A good site for sourcing current holidays activities for all ages of children is Go Play.

3 comments on “Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

  1. Joan, it was a fantastic day – topped off by a visit to Mum. A full and wonderful day. M, isn’t it amazing how quickly they grow?? I am still trying to work out how I have grown children who themselves have children ( and I love them all) but I still feel the same. 🙂 I saw the Wiggles when they were the Cockroaches on the pub band circuit and saw them live – but they have gone from strength to strength since identifying the toddler market and filling that gap. Unlike most bands they have self published all albums, shows, dvds and marketing material therefore they own it all, and they are a family company. Impressive.

  2. We have a Children’s Museum here. We visited regularly and it was always fun. When my son was 3, we took him to see the Wiggles in concert. He was glued, watching everything the Wiggles did, dancing to the music and then demanding “more” when the concert ended. When he realized that he could not repeat the show, he started crying…

    Now, I have the tweeners that would line up for the Harry Potter stuff.

  3. Looks like a fun day! We on the other hand had one of the coldest days of the winter. Brrrr.

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