A thread of loss has woven it’s way into my today.

A phone call brought the news of the 27 year old son of a childhood friend ( who had a wife and a small child) who passed away just before Christmas.  Time is short for all of us.  None of us know when our time will end, we are such fragile creatures.  But I have today.  And I have now.   I will make the most of this every moment.

After 11 days of being disgustingly healthy my body paid me back; headache, upset tummy, no energy.  That’s okay.  Tomorrow is another day.

As the rain threw itself down ( and sometimes even around just for fun) a daughter and her beau of 10 months ended their relationship.  It was not right, and made her lately more miserable than happy.  I have been there for her all evening, with hugs, a listening ear and quiet non-intrusive support.  She knows she is loved.

I hate to see people I care about go through hurt and loss.

I want a magic wand that fixes everything.


2 comments on “Moments

  1. So are you, my friend. Maybe accompanying someone on that journey IS magic. Thank you for taking these few steps with me, too.

  2. Wouldn’t a magic wand be lovely? But sometimes the only thing that can heal is the love we give someone when they are hurting. Maybe that is magic after all 🙂 I hope you feel better. You’re doing great!

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