Trounced by 5 year old

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Let me tell you a short cautionary tale.

It was a Monday morning in late summer and Nan dragged herself up, took her vitamins and did her morning exercises, then left the house to meet Miss Lizzie.  Daddy brought her with him to work and Nan caught a train there.  Miss Lizzie arrived with packed backpack, and Nan of course had her handbag stuffed with all sorts of things (iPad, pens, notepads, sketchpads, bottled water and snacks for Lizzie) along with regular items.

First up was a trip to the Bowling Alley where they had a Puss in Boots special.  Nan and Lizzie both were booked for two games, AND received a freebie.  ( At this point adult Nan interjects and points out my freebie was handed over to Daddy on his way home along with Lizzie for Lizzie’s little sister Abigail!).  The timing was absolutely perfect.  In Nan’s handbag ( which sometimes seems to pack her whole life) was only one bright red umbrella.  As Nan and Lizzie left the train station for the several block walk to the Bowling Alley the heavens opened and fell down on them.

Lizzie comes up to just around Nan’s waist.  If Nan had the umbrella, well, Lizzie would catch some dribbles and drips.  So, Nan sacrificed her straightened hair, I mean – what a bit of water anyhow?  Nan’s only challenge then was to avoid being stabbed in the side by the spokes of the umbrella brandished by the blissful-feeling-oh-so-grown-up 5 year old.  Both Nan and Lizzie survived.  Lizzie was dry s toast and Nan was just a tad moist.  No matter, it’s summer.

Slightly damp we located our lane ( No 1) and changed into the correct shoes.  Nan collected Ms Lizzie’s backpack and her bag bag as well as both sets of our outside shoes, while Lizzie set up.

Lizzie is the bowling equivalent of a card shark.  I am certain.  We had two games and I can tell you it took me the length of the entire first one to find a suitable weighted ball for me – so sacrifice that first game.  I was slaughtered.  Bear in mind also, Lizzie had the benefit of bumper rails and a trolley on which she loaded her bowling ball which provided her with a start.

The second game was more even.

Mental note to self – need to do this more often. 🙂

Today is the dinosaur exhibition at the Australian museum, and 16 year old Genevieve is coming along with us.  Then Lizzie and I will have a sleepover at Nan’s place.  I think I have promised pizza!!

Wednesday is horse riding and children’s activities followed by lunch with Mummy.

Thursday we will be taking a visit to GG ( her great grandma- my mum) for the day.

Friday is Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked.

As you can see my week is packed full of fun and adventure.


5 comments on “Trounced by 5 year old

  1. Fun – You have a great week planned! I hate bowling – not that I “hate” it, but somehow its designed for adults to lose….

  2. You mean I shall have to go back to work to catch my breath??

  3. Whew! You’re going to need some time off after all that. 🙂


  4. *smiling* It all sounds lovely!! I’m so happy you get to fill a whole week with fun memories for Ms. Lizzie and yourself!!

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