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Winny the Dinosaur

Today Geni and I got up and ready and left the house at work o’clock, although we were not heading to work.  At Tess’ workplace we sipped a belated morning coffee while waiting for Tess and Ms Lizzie to arrive.  Which they did rather quickly.

In time for the 9.30am opening of the museum Geni Lizzie and I walked across Hyde Park – it was a pleasant morning stroll.  Towards the College Street side I was briefly stopped by a middle aged Canadian tourist who mistook a Moreton Bay Fig for a eucalypt of some sort.  Yes, well.  I put him right.  Happy to help.

Then it was down the sandstone steps almost as old as Sydney itself and into the Australian Museum building.  The general admission charges were reasonable and gave us all access to the collections, and special events or exhibitions were extra.  The Winny the Dinosaur talk at 11am was an extra $5 per person.    In all we wandered all floors, thoroughly engaged and involved and enjoyed the live show which even engaged and involved little ones.

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Lunch followed and the long train trip home.  Geni Lizzie and I had a relaxed and fun afternoon and evening. Please see Geni’s image below.  This is Geni wearing every single piece of Lizzie’s clothing.  Interesting.

Lizzie is sleeping over this evening and we ordered in pizza.  Both girls had their favourite type with plenty left over for snacks and whenevers. Lizzie chatted by phone with her mum, dad and little sister, watched NCIS ( I must pass down my addiction to this show to the next generation of girls!!) and she is now sleeping.

I loved today.

I did.


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