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Mecca for kiddliwinks

Ms Lizzie and I had a slow start yesterday.  Ms Lizzie has had a dicey tummy all week, so after her fantabulous sleepover with Nan ( me) and Geni ( aged 16), I allowed her to sleep until she woke naturally just before 9.  Breakfast was leftover cheese pizza for Lizzie.  I m grateful because I certainly don’t like pizza and hate waste, so when she ate her last 3 slices as a breakfast I was over the moon.

Geni slept on as she did not need to be up until 11ish ( her MacDonalds shift began at 12.)

While I showered, pottered with washing and packed Lizzie’s bag with snacks ( 2 wraps – one with cream cheese and one with turkey), half a sliced apple, a K time bar (rice bubbles with dried fruit with a base dipped in chocolate) a couple of caramello koalas Lizzie watched episodes of a series franchised as Lazy Town . The young girl with pink hair is energetic, dances all the time, eats fruit and vegetables and does the splits.  QUOTE: ( from 5 year old Ms Lizzie) : ~~~sigh~~~~  “I want to be 10. ” ~~~~~sigh~~~~~ “…so I can do the splits like Stephanie! ” (girl with pink hair in show).  Okay.  My reply: “That’s okay Lizzie.  Doing the splits takes time, persistence and practise.  And lets not forget CARE.  If you push too hard, too soon, you can hurt yourself.  So this is something you work at every day over time – like playing the piano!!”

We met Mummy and Amy at a little cafe in town where Mummy and I often have lunch during our work week.  Amy had been to Moonlight Cinema the evening before with her gal pals to see Dirty Dancing.  Pack a picnic, take a bottle of something to drink and your pals and a good time is had by all.  These girls, knowing the entire soundtrack sang along raucously at the top of their lungs to the amusement of everyone else attending.    Small note – Sydney during the summer months is a mecca for all outdoor things social.  We have been blessed with fabulous weather and a wonderful city.  The evenings are glorious and we all make the most of our each and every opportunity to get out and about.  January is traditional The Festival of Sydney so there are lots of events to choose from.

Not everything you do has to cost.  After lunch Amy Lizzie and I walked through town to Darling Harbour where we spent a wonderful handful of hours supervising Ms Lizzie at play with what seemed like a squillion kids.  The new playground is fantastic and much thought and care has gone into it’s construction.  We slathered on the sun screen, and I still caught the kiss of the sun.

We finished the afternoon with an icecream for Lizzie.  Amy and Lizzie caught a ferry home and I walked back into Town to catch a commuter train home.

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