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Today saw Nan ( me ) meet Mummy and Miss Lizzie (5) at Mummy’s work.  I collected some sliced roast turkey breast, some wraps, some cabanossi, strawberries and watermelon.  Mummy went to work and Miss Lizzie and I headed across the road and waited for the bus to GG ( my mother, Lizzie’s Great grandma – all of 85 years old).  While waiting for the bus, while Miss Lizzie was practising her “shuffling” there was a fumble and Lizzie fumbled onto my toe.  With both feet and her full weight and tipped onto the side of her foot for emphasis in “saving” herself from falling.  Good save.  Luckily she didn’t knock over some poor unsuspecting passer by!  More on the toe later.

In no time we were there.  GG doesn’t get too many visitors during the day and she has become increasingly frail across the last couple of years, so although it was a long day for Lizzie.  Mum isn’t up to getting out and about these days.

Mum used her walking frame, Lizzie picked up a soccer ball, and we three girls, from very young to middle aged to frail aged, strolled across the road kicked the ball around for a while in the park I grew up opposite, and then while GG and I sat in the shade of a tree, Lizzie used the play equipment.  It has been a humid and hot last few days, so the breeze that blew up while we dallied in the park was lovely.

We made our way back to GG’s place, I made Lizzie a turkey wrap and some watermelon and strawberries for myself, and my toe started discolouring and hurting.  Every time I stood, or moved it ouched me.  The Ouch bit.

Lizzie, GG and I played Snakes and Ladders for several games.  GG and I lost it in uncontrollable giggles on more than one occasion.  Bless Little Miss Lizzie as she is so serious and sincere ( and like so many 5 year olds a stuffy know-it-all!)  and it tickled our senses.  We, of course, had to stifle our unseemly giggles to protect Miss Lizzie’s dignity. As I lost every single game, it  provided me the opportunity to underscore clearly for GG why I dislike Board Games.  I hate to lose and I have no luck.   So, I prefer not to play.

GG and Lizzie then played SNAP with a deck of cards.

Before we knew it and after being told “My mummy knows EVERYTHING!!” several times, it was time to decamp and head back into Town to meet mummy.

Oh that toe I mentioned before…..This was a day which cost little but we all caught some Vitamin D, a cooling breeze and showed GG she matters to us.

And my toe does hurt!!!!


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