A Bit of This and That

After a week where I seemed to be moving somewhere, doing something or several things all day every day, the lazy Saturday start was a nice counter balance.

Lazy for me, means puttering about planning weekly menus, purchasing the fresh food I need for the first three days of the coming week, organising my vitamins and supplements so I do not have to plan and think, inputting exercise sessions into my calendar as appointments ( four 20 minutes session spread through each day – sometimes 5 if I include stretching/flexibility).  And then stop and read a few pages.

Geni worked in the afternoon and we decided to have a nice meal out at Hardeeps where I had lamb korma and Geni ate butter chicken.  Of course there was garlic naan and steamed rice.  I can honestly say that I ate a small amount of the  korma and the majority of it came home and sits now in the fridge, likely to be inhaled by Geni sometime today or tomorrow.

We followed this up with a movie.  We Bought a Zoo at the local cinema.  Geni was in tears in the sad places and in tears in the happy places.  and thought it was the best movie ever.  It certainly tugged at the heartstrings. It is a feel good movie and is based on a true story.  Although this movie is set in California, the real story took place in Dartmoor in UK.  The man who wrote the book and lived the story had a cameo in the movie with his daughter and son who still live at the zoo.  I find those bits interesting.

I can honestly say I enjoyed this more than Alvin and the Chipmunks, Chipwrecked ( which I saw with Miss Lizzie on Friday!!).

8 comments on “A Bit of This and That

  1. They are certainly underwater. I hope those contestants have inflatables… Looks like they may need it. More rain forecast!!

  2. update on the German TV show. …
    It’s located in “Northern Rivers” in New South Wales and they have been having very heavy rains, as you probably know..lol The whole film crew and candidates are flooded in! No one can leave the area and the police want them to evacuate, but bridges and roads are already blocked. I watch it every night (it’s on TV at 22:15-23:15 our time) and follow the news in the press…. and continue to think of you……. 😉

  3. Oh Heart, I sure relate. As I swallow one tablet after another each morning, I am thinking…”Breakfast!!”

  4. I’ve started taking vitamin supplements myself and I feel like I spend an hour sorting through them for the next day..lol. I’ve been wondering about that movie..I trust your recommendation!

  5. German TV has a reality show running in an Australian jungle at the moment (roughly translated: “I’m a start, get me out of here!”) and I watch it every evening. It’s sometimes funny, sometimes stupid. It has excellent moderators. Needless to say, I think of you every time I watch! lol

  6. It sure is!!! hat is exactly what motivates me doing this *nods enthusiastically***

  7. Hah I do the exact same thing with my “health” / personal cares & food planning to ensure it happens.. its so good to be able to go on auto pilot and know it will still happen huh!

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