Australia Day

It is nice to have a Public Holiday mid week not long after returning to work after Christmas.  This has enabled me to do all sorts of things:

  • collect daughter’s warranty repaired laptop from the Apple store
  • collect some stationery from Kikki K ( some to assist Geni in course planning and assignment tracking for this year and some for me – because I am addicted to stationery!)
  • caught up on email
  • slept in
  • and now at 4.48pm I am thinking about breakfast.  Yes yes I know.  I have been up since 9am but somehow have managed to forget food, Ooops.  However I did get a 2 hour walk in and a kettlebell workout.

It has rained on and off ( more on than off) for the last three days with more predicted.  Northern NSW is a flood as is Queensland, and down the East Coast a bit, we get the run off.  I met up with friends after work yesterday and my conscientiously straigthened hair barometrically curled almost afro like.  URGHHHHH.  I should know better.  BUT I like straight hair!!!!

I have not made a pavlova or lamingtons, nor indeed am I hosting a street party of wrapping myself in the Aussie flag.  I am, instead, taking leisure for myself.

Both teens are attending Big Day Out so it is just me, and I am enjoying the peace and quiet.



7 comments on “Australia Day

  1. Don’t get me wrong, Joan. I love food and eating. But I just got caught up….looked up, and it was dinner time.

  2. I could never forget about eating – unfortunately!

  3. You’re hair is amazing, let it be!

  4. Maggs, I really enjoy mine. I just haven’t used it in a few weeks, been busy.

  5. Thanks Bethany. Kettlebell workouts are a mix of cardio and weights and tone EVERYWHERE. Please pace yourself when you start and check out what is available to show the correct form, as you can hurt yourself else. I am hooked!!! They blitz calories in a short amount of time compared to anything else. The visible difference is astounding, also in a very short amount of time.

    And Scott, I just forgot!! Busy and occupied and looked up and thought – Ooops!!!

  6. Yes, Happy Australia Day! I keep forgetting I have a kettlebell. Maybe I’ll do one of those workouts tonight.

  7. Happy Australia Day! Now go eat. I’m getting a headache just thinking about going without food for that long. 🙂


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