Amazing moments in life “Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing.” ~ Wayne Dyer

  1. Holding hands
  2. Waking up and find the scales are .5 of a kilo past your goal weight
  3. Donating an entire wardrobe of larger sized clothes to charity stores
  4. Hanging up a smaller size of clothing in the wardrobe, knowing it now fits perfectly
  5. Finding amazing clothes on sale when you need them most
  6. Unexpected moments that become your favourite memories
  7. Answering the phone to hear a totally unexpected and much loved voice
  8. Talking on the phone until 5 in the morning
  9. Resting on someone’s chest, knowing you are safe and cherished
  10. Taking long showers to wash away worries, AND letting them go.
  11. Feeling as though you FINALLY belong somewhere
  12. Deciding what you want to do with your life
  13. Setting what seems like an impossible goal and beginning to believe you really will get there
  14. Meeting someone who happens to change your life
  15. Drinking a cup of tea and enjoying each sip
  16. That wonderful feeling when you have pushed JUST that little bit further, running or with exercise
  17. An unexpected letter that arrives at JUST the right time from someone amazing when you need it most
  18. Knowing everything is going to be okay

What are your amazing moments?


5 comments on “Amazing moments in life “Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing.” ~ Wayne Dyer

  1. Hey there, moments are very powerful and motivating esp when in distress,my moments that i”l cherish most are= *eating sugar secretly in childhood ,and trying to fight my mother that i didn’t ……. *first time i felt what love is, in my 3rd grade ……. Her cute face was amazing and i do remember . there may be many more……

  2. …and they were just yesterday!!! Today a whole crop of NEW ones are waiting for me to gather and hold close to my hear. So True, Heart. Now my kiddlies are all grown up, their voices on the phone are a daily miracle.

  3. Amazing moments…getting an unexpected bonus…feeling loved…my daughter calling me sad she was still asleep this morning and didn’t get a goodbye hug. The day is just full of them. šŸ™‚
    Keep having amazing moments.

  4. I love this list-

    I’m going to make my own for tomorrow.. Thank you for this- Love you

  5. I so agree with you . . . moments…

    1) the first time I held my baby
    2) the first time I ran a mile (after having those babies) without having to stop
    3) every time I eat a chocolate candy bar, ice cream, cookie…


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