Life is good

I am excited today, because I have time to work on a project I am starting Monday.  It is a personal 12 week project, and has been a long time coming.  But now is the moment to begin, and the excitement bubbles in me as I prepare.

To get to this point there are so many people who have supported me and been there for me.  Some of these I have met, and some I may not have met in person, but they are net friends.  Each and every one of you has given me something precious.  Every person who pops by here and reads my ramblings brings me bubbles of joy and companionship on my journey. Thank you.

There are others, too, who share values and special friendships that transcend time, or distance.  There are some very, very special people in Europe who would be my friends in any Universe or place in the world.  And not just Europe.  Americans, and Canadians too own some of the real estate that is my heart.

Can’t forget my family – which is more of a tribe.  Whenever I look for my reason for being born, I just have to think of ANY of you, and I know.

2012 is my year to begin to fulfil some of my hopes and dreams.

I BELIEVE it is possible.

I BELIEVE it will happen.

Life is good.


4 comments on “Life is good

  1. Gosh, after reading “that” I feel like jumping high with excitement with yeah! (giggles..)
    Concur it..girl!
    And thank you for your visit and comment you left on my blog (hugs).
    I want you to know how endeared I am to you, and how lucky I feel to know you.
    Always many hugs your way from Canada)))))))xo

  2. Belief is always the first step to translating dreams into reality. And support is always there if you need it 🙂

  3. It will happen, Maggs. Any support you need – just yell out.

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