“I want to look at life – at the commonplaces of existence – as if we had just turned a corner and run into it for the first time.” – Christopher Fry

Sunday morning in my world.  I slept in ( until 7.18am ) Big sleepin, huh?  Bear in mind my usual rising time on a work morning is 5.30am so I can get an hour exercise in before showering, breakfasting and heading into work.

But Sunday is a different creature.   There are some things I need to do around here which benefits aesthetics ( a quick run around with a duster, vacuum through, judicious application with a broom – collecting the accumulated detrius with a dustpan etc).

Sipping away on warm water to which I have added the juice of half a lemon, I have first up collated my handful of supplements and swallowed one with each sip.  Half a mug later and I have ticked “supplements” from my mental checklist.  I am checking email, and updating notes on Day 25 of a 30 Day Elimination Challenge I undertook starting the beginning of January.  This saw me eliminate anything processed from my diet, and also any vegetables from the nightshade group ( tomatoes, aubergine, potatoes).  Please note, eliminating potatoes for me is not hardship – I dislike them!  However tomatoes are a challenge.  At Day 25, I can say my skin is clear, my body limber and I am sleeping better than I have in ages.  More than this, I have a clarity of thought I have not experienced ever.    Once the 30 days finishes, I can honestly say that I will adopt the eating style, largely.  How much that is harmful do we put into our bodies with convenience and processed foods?

I have been refining what works for me and what doesn’t and have a 12 Week Challenge I have set myself beginning tomorrow.  I have a goal in mind and I intend to work towards that goal – all out.  The rest of time today will be spent planning and preparing for this, as well as finishing odds and ends around here.

El Nina is well and truly in effect downunder.  We have had a largely temperate and exceedingly sodden summer.  More overcast than sunny.  On some days I contemplate the requirement for a dinghy just to get through our normal day-to-day.  I find beauty even in these changes, knowing that it too will pass.

First exercise session of today coming up, but before that I will sort out the laundry and throw on a load.  I am grateful I do not have to get down on my hands and knees with a scrubbing brush to do this, nor do I have to sling the clothes against a rock down by the river.  I have done both in the past so I know it happens.  And I am grateful for this convenience.  The washing will agitate itself while I exercise.

I then hang all of this on hangers ( saves on ironing.)  I have a dryer but prefer not to use it.  I love the smell of air dried clothing.  I love also the savings on electricity.  With power bills rising seemingly every minute, even small savings add up.

Geni’s birthday is coming up.  17.  Can you believe it?  Already?? Celebrations already in the plotting.


4 comments on ““I want to look at life – at the commonplaces of existence – as if we had just turned a corner and run into it for the first time.” – Christopher Fry

  1. Welcome back to blogging. Lovely to see you again .

  2. Hi Maggs 🙂 It’s always interesting to read your descriptive words about your days.
    I’m back blogging again. Just getting started again. I like WordPress much better than Blogger.
    Take care !

  3. Thanks for the updates, D. Been years since I heard of Brigitta.. 🙂
    Lazy days are just so good.

  4. I slept until 6:30 as well this morning…. and plan on a lazy Sunday.

    Btw… the German vip’s survived the flooding of their jungle camp and last night the “Jungle Queen” (the last remaining in the camp after the telephone voting) was crowned. It is “her majesty” (lol) Brigitta Nielson!! yep, THE Brigitta Nielson, former wife of Sylvester Stallone and others. I must admit she was very good, funny, and courageous.

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