January 2012 Review….

  • The Christmas just past was the first Christmas I can remember when the weight of goodies and irresistable treats did not see me pile on some kilos and suffer post feast guilt.   This year for the first time EVER my weight stayed stable over this feasting period, and I did not go without anything I felt like.  Now I know for a fact this is a pattern I can repeat and that empowers me.
  • Underwent a fitness challenge and embarked on a regime of Clean eating with a 30 day Elimination diet and an exercise program.  The good thing is I knew there were others embarking on this journey too, and it was supported by trained fitness professionals and that helped.  Sometimes you just have to try something a little different and reach beyond the comfortable.  You then have to complete the course you started, open to the benefits.
  1. I have learned the benefit of daily flexibility exercise.
  2. I am many kilos lighter than I was at the start.
  3. I am fitter, brighter, happier and healthier and my skin is clear.
  4. I dropped years as well as kilos.  As an “older” woman, the challenges of not retreating into an apple shaped couch corner ornament increase.  The things which used to work, just don’t any more.
  5. I, now, listen to my body more.
  6. Daily I nourish myself with great love
  7. I exercise and love how I feel afterwards.
  • Discovered Kettlebells.  And fell in love.  I suspect largely as a result of regular kettlebell workouts, have discovered I have abs!!!  Not bad for an old lady!!!!
  • Welcomed Tenison James into the family.  Welcome Tenison.  I shall enjoy watching your journey into and through life!!!  And congratulations Kelly – he is absolutely gorgeous ( can you tell I am a baby nut????)
  • Floods in northern NSW and Queensland.  I have a wedding in Bellingen in May – here’s hoping I won’t need a raft to get there and back!!!!
  • Sydney summer missing in action!!!!  We have had I would say, 3 days of what we Aussies would call summer.  On the East coast the bushfire season just didn’t happen – instead we were awash.  I have needed to wear jackets and sleeves even!!!!!!  But, our dams are full and life continues, so this is just a cycle we live through.
  • Tennis and cricket are in the background and caught in snatches of conversations.
  • There have been a spate of drive by shootings in suburbs unexpected.  I suspect another volume of Underbelly is in the making as it is almost every second day.
  • Globally –  there are riots in Egypt, a ferry accident in Papua New Guinea, financially there is talk about stock market losses and hints from the large banks ( who still seems to post billions of profit in their Annual Report) that we should all be warned.  Doom.   Gloom.

For me, I am taking each and every day as it comes.


3 comments on “January 2012 Review….

  1. Thank you Joan. I suspect, and have long suspected, we are a lot alike 🙂

  2. Love the couch ornament comment! That is me unless I fight it with spurts of activity. Very proud of you and all your successes!

  3. It sounds like you have started off the year happy and fit. Here’s to many more months of happy.

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