“That sounds like minutiae, … But when we’re dealing in seconds, every little thing like that helps. Every second is important to us.”   -Paul Brooks

Today is full of it;  after clearing out the fridge an resorting the pantry, it is time to refill and prepare some small makings to ensure decent, nutritious food is available for choosing when my body cries out for nourishment.  Plus it is important to have bits and pieces for Teen & Co as well.  That is always a challenge.


  1. grocery shopping.  DONE AND DUSTED.
  2. Preparation for lasagna_I_will_eat.  DONE.
  3. Chocolate Mousse – to take as small offerings for Family Zoo.  DONE & PACKED.
  4. Green Juice – for me. DONE, CHILLING.
  5. Scheduled exercise – am and pm.  AM DONE.
  6. Washing; towels, darks, light, reds, blues.  SORTED, UNDERWAY.
  7. Sort through gym pants.  I tried some on yesterday and I swim in them so time to sort, try on and donate those that no longer should be worn.  Time for a smaller size – LOVE IT!!!
  8. Sort through times for travel tomorrow.   Text relevant offspring.  DONE.
  9. Pack Easter Eggs and goodies for distribution to Family Zoo.
  10. Pack cheeses and crackers to take.  DONE.
  11. Hair.
  12. Nails; fingers and toes.
  13. Check weather forecast for tomorrow and decide what to wear….
  14. Telephone Mum.
  15. Drink more water.
  16. Be in bed by 10pm.  read for 30 minutes. Ready to sleep by 10.30pm.
  17. Experiment with cupcakes made from coconut flour, and pureed apple ( as slight sweetener).

Yesterday was a day to catch up and do basics ( my exercise for example) but otherwise rest.  Pull down the shutters on my life and on me and just breathe.  Today, Saturday, has been filled to the brim with doing and being.  Sunday will be replete with love, chaos and the sheer joy of loud energetic life, love and family.

I am grateful for these moments and this time.  I have enjoyed the sunshine and the late arrival of the_summer_we_never_saw.  Balmy, singlet and shorts weather.  Lovely.

Happy Easter to you all.


2 comments on “Minutiae

  1. And also to you Mousie! 🙂

  2. Happy Easter to you too!

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