24 Hour Challenge – I will not Complain

ImageYesterday I took on a 24 hour challenge NOT to complain – not even once.  Initially I thought easy peasy – but then I realised to follow through was more difficult than I expected.  

The challenge itself made me look closely and THINK about each thought and quip.  Instead of “sharing” or reposting some of the sarcastic pieces, I instead opted not to – BUT it took conscious effort.  This surprised me.

A fast from complaining made me more focused on my words and my thoughts and that is a good thing. 

Could you go 24 hours without complaining? Even once??

3 comments on “24 Hour Challenge – I will not Complain

  1. I tried this, unfortunately I started at work. It didn’t last long. j/k. I didn’t really try hard. I did however realize that I complain a lot and I need to stop it!

  2. I actually did this I started at 1128am on 30th April, made it to 1:38pm on the 1st!
    I realized my opinions of things had to change in words and tones too…
    I will do it 2 days next…I am rebuilding a cottage for my work area so I may wait …
    not sure my thoughts will be complaint free then LOLs..
    Good Post!
    Take Care…

  3. With my hectic life I’m not so sure I can do it lol

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