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Day 3 – “The best way to make dreams come true is to wake up.” Anonymous

Most research claims it takes 21 days to change engrained habits and replace them with something else. I am embarking on Day 3 of a program that will see me caring for and nurturing my body and spirit in the same way I have always cared for everyone else.  I have rarely eaten three meals a day.  I have been known to get so engrossed in what I am doing that I forget to eat for days at a time, not remembering when my last meal was and only being altered because I passed out.  I rarely, if ever, feel hungry so I am developing a means to nourish my body and feeding my inner being at the same time. I am seeking balance. 

Some of the initial aches and pains have eased and instead I am feeling that burn that comes from knowing I have worked muscle groups. It feels good.  I feel “good” tired at the end of the day and NOT stressed out.  


  • I will write in my journal: I will continue to write in  journal, but today I will keep compassion in mind as I write.  I will answer the following questions: Am I looking at myself with compassion, or do I have the habit of judging myself negatively?  Do I forgive myself for my failures and then move on or do I stay in self- condemnation?  Do I hold compassion for others or do i judge them harshly and react defensively when I believe their treatment of me is wrong?  What can I do, starting today, to be a more compassionate person?
  • I will meditate: I will seat myself comfortably and think of someone who needs my positive thoughts.  I will inhale through my nose imagining I am drawing in all the negativity, pain and suffering that surrounds this person.  As I exhale, I will imagine I am transforming all tht negative energy into peace, love, compassion, hope, positive thoughts and energy for this person.  I will follow this pattern for at least 5 breaths holding this pattern for that person.
  • I will do 15 minutes yoga:  I am working on a Salutation tot he sun keeping in my the correct form and my breathing.  I am not concerned with the number of sequences at this time, but more on the breathing and the postures.
  • I will walk for 35 minutes in the fresh air mindful of all I see around me.
  • I will do 40 minutes strength and stretching training.


  1. ON WAKING: A glass of hot water with a squeeze of lemon
  2. BREAKFAST: Spoon 110gm yoghurt over half a large diced mango with 1 tabs steel cut oats.
  3. LUNCH: WHITE BEAN AND TUNA SALAD WITH ORANGE CITRUS DRESSING.  200gm cannellini beans, 200gm tuna in brine – drained, 1 grated carrot, 1/2 cucumber peeled seeded and diced, 2 tbs diced celery, drizzle with orange juice mixed with a dribble of olive oil, crushed garlic and a touch of honey shaken well before pouring over.
  4. DINNER: Spinach Salad with grilled chicken including papaya and pumpkin seeds. For dessert I will have fresh pineapple.

CHALLENGE:  Today I will remember to think about others through the lens of compassion.  I will use this on others but also on how I look at myself.  I am often my own worst critic. and I insist on meeting an impossible ideal of perfection.  This driver I carry so well and efficiently can sabotage my efforts to choose happiness and peace and serenity and to find calm ad rest and patience. In effect this unrealistic desire for perfection and the drive can take away form the joy of each and every moment for me.   I am allowing myself room to fail.  I see stumbles as a way I may learn a better lesson.  I am allowed to fall as I face life’s challenges.   What I do know is that everything changes given time.  I often don;t know the circumstances that bring others to be as they choose to be or as they are in this moment in time or why they act a certain way.  Often their behaviour towards me is nothing really to do with me but what happened 10 minutes ago or an hour or a day.  I will strive to keep this in mind because the less negative energy I surround myself with and carry around,t he better I will be. 


Today  I will have a hot bath an hour before bedtime and I will soak for 30 minutes.  I will add a few drops of essential oil ( chamomile, lavender).  If I don;t have chamomile oil I will add a couple of chamomile tea bags :).  I will roll a bath towel and I will place it under my neck and I will scatter lit candles around the bathroom. I will relax and enjoy!


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