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Favourite Places for Walking – Florence, italy

Some Italian cities are clogged with cars, but, in others, four-wheeled vehicles are delightfully absent from the narrow cobblestone streets and piazzas.

Rome might be the Eternal City and Milan the world’s fashion capital, but Florence is one of the Earth’s most pedestrian-friendly cities.

Walking is the best way to soak in the historic, sometimes-fairy-tale-like Florentine atmosphere. The Renaissance buildings, narrow cobblestone streets, wide piazzas and centuries-old bridges spanning the Arno River bring pedestrian sightseers the quintessential Italian city experience. Many of the city’s main sights are located in its historic central district. Attractions that can be reached easily on foot include the incomparable Uffizi Gallery, the Piazzale Michelangelo, and the famous Ponte Vecchio, shown here.

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Winter Evening

The wind is racing loudly


howling, and shrieking


Night falls

the wind whistles


within the dark.

Warm and snug


I smile.

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Mmm Mmm

Worth a try methinks..

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Giveaway: I’m Knitting For You

Giveaway: I’m Knitting For You.

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6th Birthday Memories

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Birthday Memories 2012

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the Ups

  • Being together
  • Idyllic weather
  • Easy to get to
  • The building was quaint
  • The menu on download showed promise
  • Near a park for the little ones
  • Able to book

the Downs

  • We ordered and waited over an hour before food arrived at the table ( and that ONLY after we complained…)
  • My food was cold.  Poached eggs came with a rancid sauce ( tasted like shop bought mayo but long unused) and on cold limp toast.  I had no intention of eating the toast OR the sauce and moved each off the eggs BUT the eggs should at least have been HOT
  • The service staff were a clump of four very young girls ( around 15).  Not an issue in itself but there was no mature supervision or direction.
  • One in our group requested a bottled drink.  Staff stood there chatting for 25 minutes and ONLY moved to deliver the drink from the visible fridge when he got up to complain.
  • The barista was surly and brusque and from the beginning got the first drinks order wrong.
  • Steak ordered medium rare was well done and delivered cold.
  • Burgers ordered with tomato sauce were slathered in bbq sauce
  • My side of steamed greens with almonds never arrived.
  • One service staff saw our disquiet and single handedly tried to manage things.  needless to say she was the one who received our tip – directly into HER hands.

I am sufficiently disappointed to seek out the owner of the cafe and provide constructive feedback; he requires kitchen staff who understand that food should be hot to the table and delivered in a timely fashion.  He requires service staff who serve not stand about in clumps gossiping about patrons and only serving those they know.   There needs to be a service team leader with the maturity and strength to direct the service staff.

Since I moved into this area I have been seeking a quaint establishment I can frequent for my herbal teas and the odd meal with friends.  I can assure you this would be the last place on earth I would return to – nor would I ever recommend this to friends or family.

To top the afternoon off, we all convened in Hornsby.  Some went by car convoy while two of us hopped a train.  We alighted at Waitara and opted to walk with a side visit to the local gym for information on casual visits ( plus certain teenage companion wanted a look and conversation with HOT guy behind desk….).  That we accomplished.  No problems.  We came to a busy road and the wind was blowing a gale ( get the idea I am setting the scene for something??)…..  Hair was blowing everywhere for us both…teenage companion was chattering away about hot gym guy…  I glanced up as we reached the pedestrian island in the centre of a very busy road where three roads intersect and which we were in the middle of crossing and a car came around the corner and the person driving looked like someone I knew.  This distracted me momentarily and DOWN I went – hard.  You know that feeling when you feel yourself falling and WHAM – it happens?  Well I have two scraped knees a bitumin embedded palm, a scraped hand and my face and chin slammed the road.

I remember thinking that at least ONLY 6 inches of me was on the road ( the road of course HAD to be a busy one….)  It must have looked bad because daughter with me freaked out and treated me like an old lady for the rest of the day, and a man got out of his vehicle to help me up.  Trust me – I took my time.  Once I was sure there was nothing broken and I was certain it was only gravel rash and bruising, we briefly stopped home for bandaids for the bleedy bits and continued up to meet the rest of the family.

What is a birthday celebration without a bit of drama???

So in life there are ups and downs.  You just dust yourself off and get on with it.   BUT I am still going to complain   errrrrrr provide feedback to that Cafe.


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