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Heat licks and curls

Around the afternoon

Around us.


White linen 

Billowy frame

Of water views.


Salt tang

Hints and hangs

Around you


Heat writhes 

Heating the skin

Inside my wrist.


Liquid heat.

Where are you –

Right now?


1. Sheets that smell of sunshine and captured fresh air, newly laid on the

mattress just before bedtime – not a single wrinkle to be found – anywhere.

2. A book – so well written that even as eyelids droop you hesitate and

fight impending sleep just to read a few more words…..so real are the


3. Your foot, searching for me as sleep raises and lets me find some

consciousness – the comfort of that solitary seeking foot and the sheer


4. The surprising icy cut of the wind  on a day achingly crisp blue and the

shock of the cold right through to the numbness of the fingers.

5. A voice that is so musically perfect that you stretch and turn and are

stunned even though the voice is one you know intimately.

6. The tiny tucked warmth of a young child curled as sleep moves close to

carry them under whispering thank you unexpectedly.


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