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I choose

Why is it that when I choose a healthy option and empower myself, someone tells me I am deprived or depriving myself??? There is a world of difference between “deprive” ~Adjective Suffering a severe and damaging lack of basic material and cultural benefits. …(of a person) Suffering a lack of a specified benefit that is […]

Things I Hope my Daughters Learn Before They are 50

Anyone CAN say no.  You do not need to soften “No” with anything other than a smile.  There is no need for little white lies; just “No thanks!”  I personally believe we should all say “No!” more often.  You build up less resentment and emotional debt.  You are more authentic and true to yourself. Think […]

One day at a time

This day, today. I will concentrate all my strength on living just within today and I will live it authentically and to the best of my ability.  The past eddies and swirls around me nipping at my conscious and tries to grab my focus.  But the past is gone. I know there are lessons there […]

What do they need?

Want or need at Christmas and pondering a different approach.