Words have lived as my first love as far as I can remember and early dreams of making a living writing disappeared under the weight of supplying a growing family with the fiscal means to survive and be educated.  Always writing has taken a place far down on priorities, as rent was needed and food and school fees and money for clothing and excursions for those I have borne and bred.  Therefore my responsibility.

Yet now largely they have grown and sometimes now in the quiet following their movement out into their own lives, still covering so many small necessities, one thing I finally have is time.  

I have promised to myself that I will write 30 minutes each day faithfully and allow some of the tales I have grown inside of me to finally find their way unfurled into being.  This is my outlet.  Will be.

Coming soon: Commuting Tales – Little Brown Hen, I know Where Clouds are Born, … Travel Tales – Journeys in Exotic Lands, …  Love Stories, of course my Poetry and more as it grows and flows.  let’s see what issues forth


3 comments on “Tales

  1. I understand your pain. Writing is all I’ve ever done well, and I have always dreamed of becoming a published novelist. In recent years, I seem unable to find the time (and the family support) to write my beloved fiction. I have taken to WordPress in hopes of changing that, in a small, fun way. It is a new beginning. I’m glad to hear you are finding the time to begin.


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